The volunteer centre in The Motol University Hospital
„The volunteer don't generate money but they do create value at the hospital.“


How to become a volunteer in the Motol University Hospital

  • I want to be useful, I want to help someone, I want to gain new experience, new friends. I like drawing, singing, talking, listening, I can play games or do other interesting things.
  • I am full-aged and able to find free time in my schedule which I want to devote to other people.
  • I am interested in the activities in hospital, no matter if with children or adults.
  • I will use the phone number 224 431 970 or the e-mail address I will make an appointment with the coordinator of the volunteers.
  • I will take part in an introductory one-day training for new volunteers.
  • I will describe the "Documents" – Registration card, Contract for volunteers and Volunteer codex.
  • I can start with the activities for the patiens.
  • I can take part in supervising meetings with other volunteers.

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