The volunteer centre in The Motol University Hospital
„The volunteer don't generate money but they do create value at the hospital.“


About the volunteer programme

The volunteer project in The Motol University Hospital started in 1999. First department opened for volunteers was Department of pediatric oncology and the first group of volunteers were 20 students of the Charles University in Prague.

In the year 2007 help in the hospital about 113 volunteers in the 17 departments (10 departments for ill children and 7 departments for adults).

The majority of volunteers are interested in this jobs:
  • companions for the patients (especially for elderly people in the long-term care department)
  • art and music group activities for children and seniors
  • individual contact and play with immobile children
  • creation and cooperation on the motivating programmes for long-term hospitalized and serious ill children
  • amateur help with physiotherapy for adult patients under the supervision of personal
  • the animal therapy (with dogs)

The photos from many activities you can find in the section Photogallery.

In the development of volunteers project Motol University Hospital was cooperated with NGO The Club of the Interactive house three years (since 2000 to 2003). From January 2004 we have started new model of management of volunteer services inside the hospital. The formal external partner of the centre is The National volunteer centre Hestia.

From the 2006 has started the big reconstruction of the whole child part which will be continue for many years. This reconstruction takes many changes in the child department and makes difficult the working conditions in the Motol hospital.

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